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Why Virginia Fertility Associates?

We use the most advanced methods in the industry to achieve the best possible results. We constantly strive to improve our practice, so as a team we consult with each other and the patient to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to achieve success.

Patient Testimonials

“Every little girl dreams of marrying their prince and becoming a mommy one day. Some grow up and realize it’s not always as simple as they thought. That’s what happened to me. Scared and confused, my doctor sent me to Dr. Shah to help me find out why I couldn’t get pregnant. That was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me! Dr. Shah and Dr. Tidey and their staff became a very special part of my life. They were there for me through every step of my journey. The nurses, Kim and Valerie, are two of the kindest people I have ever known. They have held my hand in pain, hugged me in times of sadness, and rejoiced with me in times of great joy. They have been there for me through it all. For me, the two most important things about a doctor are their bedside manner and their skill. Dr. Shah always took a great deal of time with me and answered every one of the many questions I had. He was very patient and above all kind, caring, supportive, and funny. I have had many surgeries over the years. Whether they were minor or major surgeries, I have always felt safe and secure in the talented and caring hands of Dr. Shah. I have always felt that I could call anytime of the day and ask any questions I had. Susan was always so friendly and always able to get me an appointment, working around my schedule. Joan was amazing and always so helpful with the financial end of the process. Pam was a wonderful help with my insurance questions and needs. My dream finally came true (X2) with the help of Dr. Shah and his staff. The happiness I now feel far surpasses any pain or struggle I had to endure. They still call occasionally and check on us. I still visit them and send them pictures and updates. I have highly recommended them to many people I know. You are not alone. Know that you are in the best hands and hearts possible to help you make your dreams come true. Hope is the one thing you do have when you are in this situation. Never give up hope. I believe in miracles and I believe in Dr. Shah and his wonderful staff.” —L.M.

We really want to make it clear how thankful we are for your thoughts, prayers, and support during this baby journey of ours. We also owe a lot to Dr. Kenneth Steingold – the man who said we would get here and lived up to his word. Because of him, we are now one of those creepy families who put ultrasound photos in their Christmas cards. Besides being a great, compassionate doctor, he’s the only fertility specialist we know whose office is decorated with Family Guy paraphernalia. To us, he truly is the family guy. – A.

From the very beginning Dr. Edelstein was committed to helping me and my husband start a family. I live and work an hour away from his office and on more than one occasion he and his nursing staff went above and beyond to ensure I made it back to work in time. Dr. E recognizes understands the financial and emotional stress that fertility treatments put on a family and truly tries to help however he can, even if it’s just an extra phone call to make sure you’re doing alright. – Troy

“After several long years of trying to conceive our first child, a friend suggested that my husband and I talk to a specialist, and recommended us to Dr. Tidey and Dr. Shah’s office. We made the call and began seeing Dr. Tidey within a month. After a few tries of IUI (intrauterine insemination), we decided to move on to IVF. Everyone in the office was so supportive and understanding about the emotional rollercoaster we were on after trying so long. We came in for an ultrasound after completing one try with IVF and couldn’t have been happier to see a flickering heartbeat on the screen! Everyone there played such a special part in our time there, and although my husband and I were happy to be dismissed and sent back to our regular OBGYN, we were sad to leave Dr. Tidey and his staff, who had been there through the long journey. Now we have a beautiful little girl, who is almost 2, who is worth every penny that we spent. We are also fortunate to be expecting again (this time without IVF and a surprise!) However, if we experience any other difficulties down the road, we will definitely pay a visit back to Dr. Tidey to rescue the other embryos that we have left!!! Thank you again to Dr. Tidey, and the wonderful nurses and staff for being a part of our dream come true!!!!” —H.B., School Teacher

“There are no words to express the level of gratitude and love that my husband and myself have for the doctors, nurses, and staff of Virginia Fertility Associates. When we found ourselves on this journey to ‘grow our family,’ we often felt alone and frustrated. But the moment we walked into this office, those feelings disappeared. No longer were we a number…we were now on a team. We were greeted with love and treated with kindness. The doctors took as much time as WE needed. The nurses and staff greeted us with smiles beaming with compassion…and their hugs were meaningful and sincere in those times of need. My husband and I have been blessed with our ‘miracle,’ and we thank these amazing people daily. We put 100% of our faith in them and they guided us down this path. I truly believe that they were just as excited as we were when we completed our journey! Thank you thank you to this team… you made our dream come true.” – Jim, Nicole (and Hunter) H.

“Dr. Shah, thank you so much for our beautiful baby girl! You and your staff were wonderful through our entire infertility journey. We were so impressed with your office and the ability to talk to someone at all times. That was very important to us. Valerie was great in explaining all procedures and medication instructions. She was always available to talk if we had any questions or would call back as soon as she could the same day. Even though we have moved [out-of-town] I have and will be referring people to your wonderful office. I have enclosed some pictures of [our daughter] for you to share on your wall. We can not thank you enough for our beautiful blessing!” – Diane S.

The happiest day of my life was July 5, 2005. It was the day Dr. Steingold told me I was pregnant with my daughter. We celebrate that day every year just like Christmas. The news was delivered to me following three heartbreaking, unsuccessful years of trying to conceive. I credit Dr. Steingold and The Fertility Institute of Virginia with filling my life, my husband’s life and everyone in our family with joy and love. Since the birth of my daughter in 2006, we were blessed again in 2007 with a son. Both of my children are healthy and beautiful and are the most precious things in my life. I will never be able to say “Thank You” enough to Dr. Steingold and The Fertility Institute of Virginia. All my dreams have come true. When people ask me, “How is parenthood?” my best description of being a parent is like falling in love everyday. They bring so much laughter and joy – I just couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive! God bless you all! – A.

Dr. Edelstein was very patient and took time to explain diagnosis and possible treatment options. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year on our own and nothing seemed to work. If it wasn’t for Dr. Edelstein’s help, I probably would not have been blessed with this current pregnancy. – A.

“One of the smartest things I ever did was schedule an appointment to see Dr. Tidey. Without him (and the staff at The Richmond Center for Fertility and Endocrinology), we would not be a happy family of four! Dr. Tidey and Valerie made the IVF process easy and not so daunting. In our house, we refer to our two year old son as ‘miracle number 1’ and our baby girl as ‘miracle number 2’. We could not imagine life without our beautiful children. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Dr. Tidey and the rest of the family at Richmond Center for helping us start our family!” – M. A. H.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the kind, supportive, and compassionate care that we have received from your office over the past four years. The entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure the best care possible. Infertility is difficult but having the support and encouragement from caring doctors, nurses, and staff makes each attempt more tolerable. We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have two beautiful children and are we are grateful for the relationship that we have built with each of you! We eagerly refer people to your office every opportunity we have! Thank you again for all that you have done for us and our family!” – C. C. G.

“Dr. Shah and his staff gave me a chance to be a mother when others my age were being introduced to their grandbabies. After watching my prime baby-making years pass before me, I re-married at 49, and found myself researching possible ways to get pregnant at the age of 51. Dr. Shah supported my desire and introduced my husband and me to donor IVF. We were among the first participants in an overseas donor program begun by Dr. R. several years ago and, on the first try, became pregnant with twins. I attribute this to the superb care and expertise of the dedicated staff that are involved in the fertilization process under Dr. Shah’s and Dr. Tidey’s direction and, of course, some divine intervention. At 52, I gave birth to beautiful, healthy little boys. My miracle babies turned 7 this year, and make me realize every day that age is just a number. I hope this gives other women who think that age is a detriment to conceiving the knowledge and hope to go forward.” —Kathy”I found the infertility process to be emotional and very personal. Dr. Shah seems to understand this and takes the time to get to know his patients individually and as a couple just enough to address their concerns. He and Dr. Tidey are knowledgeable and kind. Their entire staff is compassionate and professional. I have continued to see Dr. R for yearly exams after our fertility process, and the fact that they have kept much of the same staff for many years speaks to their congeniality. I consider Dr. R a friend that I only get to see yearly now.” —D.B.

I owe Dr. Edelstein and Dr. Steingold a HUGE THANK YOU!! I dreamed of being a mom for years, and when nothing else worked, and when I felt like falling apart, they picked me up and gave me choices I wouldn’t otherwise have. Their knowledge and experience rivals none, yet with all that medical expertise, they found the time and patience to give me emotional support when I need it, and raw facts when that was what I needed to hear. Both doctors are fantastic, and the support staff is nothing short of amazing. Now, 18 months after our infertility diagnosis, I run home from work to my BEAUTIFUL twin boys who give the sweetest kisses, most precious hugs and smiles that make my heart melt. I have to say THANK YOU to this practice and that I will never forget that you made my dreams come true. – A.

Thank you so much to everyone at the Virginia Fertility Associates! Our daughter is healthy and happy – and the light of our lives! Thank you and your staff for everything you’ve done to help make our dream come true. We feel blessed to have her in our life and becoming parents has filled our hearts with joy and happiness. – A.

“Dr. Shah, words cannot express how grateful we are for everything that you and your staff have done for us, and most importantly for making our dream of becoming parents a reality. We would especially like to thank you and Dr. Tidey and your staff for the encouragement, compassion and support while traveling the road of infertility. We understand how frustrating it can be when treatment doesn’t work the first time, but also know the feeling of joy and excitement when you finally hear the words ‘Congratulations, you’re pregnant! We appreciate all the smiles, the patience and sensitivity each person displayed, and everyone’s overall confidence. Your determination was very evident during the time we were with you. Coming to your office was not a typical doctor’s visit–you all felt like a second family to us and we will truly miss all of you. We are looking forward to the birth of our first child and cannot wait to bring our baby to meet everyone! Thank you for being the perfect doctor for us. Everyone in your office has a special place in our hearts–we highly recommend your practice to anyone experiencing difficulty in conceiving a baby!” – E.C. and K.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Steingold and his staff. He went above and beyond in his efforts to help us build our family. Due in large part to his knowledge and support, we were blessed with our beautiful children. We have referred several of our friends to him and will continue to do so. – A.

We can’t thank Dr. Edelstein and everyone at The Fertility Institute of Virginia enough for helping us start a family! We felt like family in your care!

“Every single day, I think about how grateful our family is to Dr. Tidey and everyone at the Richmond Center for Fertility and Endocrinology. Thanks to their team, we have a healthy, beautiful daughter and another baby on the way. Infertility is a difficult reality to face, but their approach is personable, professional, and comforting. When you walk through their offices and see hundreds of baby photos lining the walls, you know that they, quite literally, deliver results!” – Elizabeth S.

There are still times when I cannot believe we have two beautiful daughters. They are 7 years old now and my memories of infertility and pregnancy are vivid like yesterday. We went through months of testing, procedures, the endless waiting and many disappointments. I prayed diligently, put my faith in God and trusted Dr. Steingold and his dedicated staff. Together we proceeded toward IVF, a step I never thought I would take. Dr. Steingold and his staff were with us every scary, uncertain step of the way. Even living two hours away our every need was met and my many questions answered. We all celebrated and breathes sighs of relief when that first ultrasound showed two tiny beating hearts! Thank you! – A.

Thanks to Dr. Edelstein. I remember the first ultrasound that I had to determine how my baby was doing. Dr Edelstein and his nurse just giggled and said..”it is twins!”. They are now seven and in first grade, loosing teeth, playing sports, and being happy!! Thanks again!!! – A.

Dr. Tidey is a compassionate, highly intelligent, highly skilled physician and I would recommend him to anyone having fertility issues. He listened closely to my concerns as well as my husbands concerns. He answered all of our questions (and we had a lot)! He made us feel very comfortable and we never felt rushed! The staff is excellent and always took time to answer our questions too! We are pregnant with a little girl and we feel SO blessed to have Dr. Tidey as our Fertility Specialist – Bonney L.