IVF Refund Program

An understanding response

We understand that having a child is your dream. Unfortunately, the cost of IVF is a significant factor in determining your best options for conception. Our IVF Refund multi-cycle program is designed to provide an affordable and accessible option for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and donor eggs.

Why our Refund Program? If our treatment is unsuccessful, you receive a full refund. That’s our promise.

Patients without the insurance or resources suitable to risk the chances of ineffective treatment are now able to receive the cutting-edge procedures and high-quality care that all patients deserve.

Who qualifies?

Women up to age 38 qualify for the IVF Refund Program. We must evaluate each patient’s physical health prior to treatment, and all smokers must suspend tobacco use during treatment cycles.

How does it work?

Instead of paying for each cycle of IVF, you pay a flat rate for 6 cycles of IVF and 6 cycles of frozen embryo transfer. We offer financing plans to make this option feasible for as many families as possible.

What’s included in the flat fee?

The fee includes 6 cycles of IVF and 6 cycles of frozen embryo transfer. The fee does not include the cost of medication, prescreening, unrelated surgeries, or recruitment and purchase fees for donor egg or donor sperm.

How long does it take?

Just a month. The first half are for treatment and medication, while in the second one, the results start to become visible.

What are the advantages?

  • We match the most competitively affordable IVF programs in the country
  • There is less pressure on the success of a single cycle of IVF, because patients pay a single flat fee for multiple cycles
  • Storage fees are charged until the end of the process
  • Any frozen embryos remaining after the program is complete can be used for future frozen embryo transfers
  • The patient may use a known egg donor, if desired and approved by her physician
  • The patient may use a gestational carrier, if desired and approved by her physician
  • The patient may use donor sperm, if desired
  • Full refunds are available for any reason the patient decides to discontinue the program between cycles; partial refunds are available if the program is discontinued during a cycle

What are the considerations?

  • Most insurance plans do not cover IVF programs, which is why we’ve create an option with substantially less financial risk
  • If a successful pregnancy is achieved early in the program, the program fee paid may be higher than the fee for a single cycle of IVF
  • The patient must enter the program by age 38 and complete all cycles prior to her 39th birthday
  • The patient must meet physical requirements for the program
  • Any patient who smokes will need to refrain from smoking through each IVF cycle
  • Any patient may be removed from the program and her full program fee refunded if the physician feels a successful pregnancy is unlikely to occur

How successful is the program?

We are proud to be one of the most successful clinics in the nation. We consistently exceed both the national average and the Mid-Atlantic region average.