IVF Costs & Shared Success

Navigating IVF costs

Medical expertise and clinical success rates, reputation and location are important criteria in choosing an infertility clinic. Naturally costs are also a major factor. While infertility diagnosis and some treatments may be covered by insurance, most assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, are generally not covered by insurance.

IVF costs include medications, testing, lab work, and consultations, ultrasounds, blood tests and medical expenses associated with IVF.. In 2014, the estimated average cost of one “fresh” IVF cycle was about $12,000.

The need for additional IVF cycles is determined by a patient’s age, the severity of infertility and the quality of the embryo and semen.

If, because of genetic conditions, you are considering pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of the embryo, this process may cost an additional $3-6,000. So for each attempt to have a healthy child the cost is significant.

When a fresh cycle does not result in pregnancy, remaining embryos can be frozen. Frozen embryo transfer may cost $3-6,000 per cycle plus annual storage fees.

Other costs that may or may not be covered by our IVF success programs include pre-screening procedures, semen analysis, monitoring costs, anesthesia, assisted hatching, ICSI, blastocyst culture, and cryopreservation.

At Virginia Fertility Associates, we will work with you to help you understand insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Our team of financial experts will help guide you through the maze of understanding your own medical coverage, and can help project the costs you will likely incur for treatment.

Virginia Fertility Associates is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of parenthood. Keep reading to learn more about the costs associated with in vitro fertilization, and what insurance covers.

Available financing options

If a patient’s insurance coverage does not include IVF treatments, Virginia Fertility Associates offers a financial assistance program. In addition, Virginia Fertility Associates works in conjunction with medical loan companies that can help pay for treatments.

Our financial counselors can help you to understand more about your treatments and coverage. To find out more about your personal costs associated with IVF, please call our financial team. 

Shared IVF Success Program

We are proud of our success rates which consistently exceed the national average. These rates are published on our website. The Virginia Fertility Associates and the Virginia IVF and Andrology Center offer a ‘Shared IVF Success Program.” These rates can be found here.

Learn more about Virginia Fertility Associates

If you are interested in learning more information about Virginia Fertility Associates, please do not hesitate to contact our team of fertility experts. We will guide you through the IVF process and help you better understand your potential costs associated with treatment.

At Virginia Fertility Associates, we do not want costs to be the deterrent that keeps you from trying to create a family. Call us to schedule a consultation so that we can review your individual case and give input into which treatments might serve your needs best. Our team is here to help bring a child into your arms—learn more today.