Richmond Fertility Workshop

Join us this Saturday, October 8th for an educational awareness workshop for women, men, family and friends who are facing the challenges of infertility.

Surviving Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

By Erica Mindes, Ph.D., LCP Holidays, with their focus on family and children, can be emotionally challenging for individuals and couples experiencing fertility problems.  But Mother’s Day (May 8th) and Father’s Day (June 19th) are often especially difficult.  As celebrations of parenthood, they can be painful reminders of the child you yearn for.  For some,…. read more

Join Dr. Danny Shaban & Dr. Anish Shah For a Discussion About Infertility

Strategies for coping with a Fertility Treatment Cycle

Fertility treatment, whether it involves medications, intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF), represents an opportunity to achieve a much-desired pregnancy and create or expand your family.  Along with this opportunity there are also some emotional challenges. What to Expect – Common Emotional Responses During a Treatment Cycle Fertility patients tend to perceive a…. read more

Coping With Inappropriate Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

Whether you’ve been open about your struggles with infertility or have only told a handful of close family members or friends, at some point you’ve likely received well-intentioned, but unsupportive comments or questions from others.  It may have happened when you were at a party having an otherwise enjoyable conversation with someone you hadn’t met…. read more

Strengthening the Support You Provide and Receive From Your Partner During Your Infertility Journey.

Infertility and the accompanying treatment is emotionally, physically, and financially stressful and often experienced as a source of distress.  While individual responses vary, feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and anxiety are common.  Over time, self-esteem may plummet, social relationships can falter, and one’s sense of femininity or masculinity may be affected.  Yet infertility is…. read more